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A few client's pieces ...


Stardust at the 220x71cm size with an LED light-strip mounted on the rear.


Recently shipped this huge "Bamboo" piece to a very happy customer in the US. A huge piece made in three seperate panels to the finished size of 330cm. Presents beautifully in the entrance area of the stunning property.


"Mossman Gorge" shipped to Brisbane.

"The Great Reef"

A Triptych: sometimes clients like to split into three pieces.

"Southern Cross"

Southern Cross presented in its new home at 200x64cm.

"Millaa Millaa"

A 250x81cm Millaa Millaa sent to country Victoria. Compliments beautifully their living area.

Initially the client sent a blank photograph of her wall with measurements. I then superimposed what her Millaa Millaa would look like to scale. This works very well to get a really good feel of the finished look before purchasing.

250x81cm Centre-stage

"Oh my goodness!!! We r absolutely over the moon. This picture is exactly what our fabulous new apartment needed. We love the colours, the depth of of the shot and we are extremely grateful for your time and advice spent in the studio playing with the software to give us a “virtual fitting” so to speak.
It’s a giant size pic indeed and a real showstopper in the room. In short, our acrylic is AMAZING! (An indulgent 30th anniversary gift to ourselves and worth every single dollar.)
Thank you so much, Ric.
Happy Scots in Canberra! 🙏
Jan & Drew"

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