Ric Steininger - Fine Arts Photographic Gallery.

Welcome to the Ric J Steininger Fine Arts Photographic Gallery, a journey through the camera lens into the vivid world of the panoramic photographic arts.

I have been living in Cairns for over twenty years, traveling out in search to capture awe-inspiring natural wonders of this Great Southern Land.

Most of my images have taken a lot of planning and weeks and weeks of work in order to capture. However, I still prefer shooting with a large format film camera, for the clarity is exceptional. As well I love the rich colour and the deep contrast characteristic of transparency film (even though this medium is very challenging and unforgiving).

The reproduction quality of the images allow them to present perfectly even at a very large 2 or 3 metre size. Retaining crystal clear clarity and great colour without any loss of detail.

It makes me smile when I hear comments from various people walking through the Gallery, ‘are these 8K TVs?’ … or … ‘are these backlit?’. The way that they have been photographed, printed, and mounted in Poly-Carbon Acrylic glass presents and creates an inherent glow. Whether well lit in a gallery setting or otherwise in a normal home they are like a jewel … holding a light within. Truly amazing to see how light plays in the finished pieces.

Though people do display them with down lights, even with dimmers to help create a mood; the spontaneous changes that occur naturally creates its own wonderful effect. I recently hung one of my blue reef photographs in a customer’s home and I was amazed to see how the ambient light caused the reef to appear three-dimensional. As though one of the reefs was raised above the other. And recently visiting a home of a customer of whom purchased Stardust I was amazed how, even though the lighting was really soft, the Milky Way shimmered. It was like a gem … a jewel.

My work truly gives me great excuse to get out and explore some of the most beautiful and dramatic places in the world. And I love the challenge in dealing with the natural elements presented. And then also the surprise chance moment that arise allowing me to capture what has so generously provided. And what truly is most rewarding is not only discovering the scene in the first place but the joy of being there when it all comes together.

It does seem to me at times as though the scene itself is aware of me being there. For as I go about working to try to capture the vision before my eyes ‘it’ resists … but in a really positive way. The Stardust image is a great example. Working for three months to capture it, it was as thought the ‘heavens’ had better ideas. I had my ideas but the grand vista of the night sky had her ideas and gratefully put on a beautiful show. I had in mind to simply place the Southern Cross in the mid-part with the Milky Way as the background, but what resulted far exceeded anything that I imagined. So instead of just the Southern Cross, there is the Galactic Core, three shooting stars, and two planets.

I had felt earlier on that I should study traditional arts … even to learn to paint. Cause in reality it is really difficult to find scenes and photograph them with all the drama of lighting and composition. But this is the reality of my work it demands that I be there; the location has to exist in the first place. And then all the conditions, and all the lighting and the mood, have to be just right for me to capture. But to me, in the end, that is half the fun. I love this art form, this medium, and the challenge of deeply involving myself with the natural world in the ‘hunt’ to capture something special. The chance moment of drama, of life, of colour … and of inspiration.

Each piece has been released as a limited edition print, signed and numbered with guaranteed authenticity. Holding inherent and appreciating value.

I hope that you enjoy this collection. Though in saying that, its better to see them in the ‘flesh’ … so come visit me in my gallery in Kuranda (Cairns Australia) ... look forward to seeing you.



A recent client comment ...

"Good Afternoon Ric,

I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to be able to have several of your photographic masterpieces in my home.

Never have I been even slightly interested in being a collector of either paintings or photography. Indeed, I have even avoided museums and art galleries throughout my life.

But all has suddenly changed when I was fortunate enough to wander into your gallery in Kuranda a couple of weeks ago. I was hooked!

Yes, it has taken me all these years....and there are many of them behind me.....and now I have become a collector of fine arts and I have you to thank for this.

My wish is that many more people will wander into your gallery and be hooked on your masterpieces as I was. You no doubt recall that I started with a much smaller piece of photography of Craig's Hut but before I left you, I had increased the size two or three times.

You are a very gifted photographer who so obviously takes the time to get just the perfect shot and you have changed this old man into a collector for the first time in his life.

Thank you so much …