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The rich red glow on the horizon, red and yellow dusk with the black of the night sky and in the presence of Kata Tjuta (Olgas).

Aboriginal colours: the rich glow on the horizon, red and yellow dusk with the black of the night sky and the ever presence of the Olgas.
I hiked in off the road for more than 1½ hours over the sand-dunes, looking to get closer and find a good vantage point to photograph the Olgas in its full splendour, with the sun going down behind it. The sun set and I was not as happy as I would liked to have been, so I waited longer, the moon had already risen and what a special place to wait. The glow in the perfectly clear night sky became more and more beautiful … ‘Dreamtime’.

By the time I had finished it was really dark, and difficult to make sure I hadn’t left anything behind. It was bright enough though to walk with the light of the moon, and every time we came to the top of a sand-dune we could see Ayers Rock in silhouette against the night sky. It was one of those special times, and I would have enjoyed it more if I wasn’t so tired and hungry. Finally we got back to the road but I was unsure if we had parked the car off to the left or to the right, we took the wrong way …

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park – World Heritage Area, Central Australia.

location: Ayers Rock, camera: Tomiyama, lens Nikkor SW90, film: Fuji 50ASA, shutter speed: 20 seconds, filters: None, time and conditions: 50 minutes after sunset, limited edition: 360


Printing and framing:

Limited Edition: Available as a limited edition at standard sizes: 100x32cm, 125x40cm, 150x48cm, 175x57cm, 200x64cm, 250x80cm, and 300x96cm.

Deliveries are fully insured and guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition. Domestic freight charges are included, and international freight is sent via Federal Express (TNT) and is depending on sizes (please see at checkout); priced from $30 (50x16cm) - $200 (250x80cm).

Printing: Printed with pigment inks on metallic photographic paper, and mounted on Acrylic glass; each image presents crisp, clear, and bright. Most people when first viewing the finished piece is convinced that it is lit from behind. Acrylic glass is a totally transparent material, with very little reflection, but is also very hardy and strong. It is also temperature and static neutral requiring very little cleaning. Available at various finished sizes and thickness of acrylic, please refer to the price list for all available options.

Gift Range: Recently I have released this Gift Range of smaller sizes, using the 3mm thick Acrylic. These smaller Gift sized images come with optional hanging methods including Acrylic ‘panels’ where they are hung on the wall using 3M self-adhesive ‘velcro’ tabs. They are great because you do not need to drill any holes, nor screw or nail hanging hooks. This product allows you to simply stick the finished Acrylic photograph directly to the wall easily and securely in just minutes. This adhesion method makes picture hanging safe for rentals, offices, tiles, glass, brick, or concrete; with totally safe removal or repositioning when and however you like.

The Gift Range is available in the sizes: 50x16cm and 75x24cm.

50x16cm (6 x 20 inch) – finishes: 3mm 'slim baton', 3mm with 'float-frame', 6mm with 'float-frame'.
75x24cm (9 x 30 inch)finishes: 3mm 'slim baton', 3mm with 'float-frame', 6mm with 'float-frame'.

‘Slim baton’ is a flat/thin profile aluminium strip on the back of the finished Acrylic, hung with a matching interlocking slim baton rail that you screw to the wall.
‘Float Frame’ is a 'U' shaped aluminum frame on the back of the finished Acrylic, again hung with a matching interlocking rail that you screw to the wall.
(‘3M velcro system' can be used for all of the above options.)

Cleaning: When cleaning simply use a feather duster and a microfibre cloth (if necessary use “isopropyl alcohol”).

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