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The stars are truly like dust; reminded of the book titled “The Stars, Like Dust”, written by Isaac Asimov.
The vastness of the night sky, with the stars behind the stars visible, and those stars behind them and those behind them can also be clearly seen. Captured here in the breadth of the sky, from horizon to horizon, the full Milky Way is presented in grandeur before us. As viewed from the Southern Hemisphere; the Southern Cross is set in the gentle curvature of the Milky Way. A billion upon billion of stars laid as dust in the night sky, with three shooting stars visible and the brightest one pointing directly to the Southern Cross itself.

I recently discovered that Saturn has also been captured in this frame. I had wondered for a while how a yellow ‘star’ could be bigger and more prominent than the Pointers and the Southern Cross, and speaking to a friend he said that yellow stars are in actual fact planets. In researching the time and date of the photograph, yes, there it is; Saturn was there. If you look just above the Southern Cross and a little to the left of the shooting star you will see a bright and large star … there you go, that is Saturn.

I had originally planned to have the Southern Cross placed in the mid section of the photograph, held in composition by the glory of the Milky Way itself. But by the time that I was able to get to a place to shoot this grand vista, it was getting a bit late. If you think of the star movements to that of a clock, as there are twelve months in the year the Southern Cross’ position moves as like the hour hand of a clock. In May at 9pm it is at the 12pm mark, however, in June it moves to the 1pm mark, and so on.

I had planned this shot for over a year, and after a series of testing purchased specialised equipment for it. My first attempt was in May, and then June, this particular frame was captured late July. In the end things didn’t go completely to plan for the Southern Cross was positioned disappointingly too far to the right. But you know, sometimes its nice for Heaven to compose itself on my behalf. The narrative presented in this piece is beyond what I could have hoped for: the Southern Cross is beautifully composed to the right of the frame, with the cloud of stars that make up the core of the Milky Way composed beautifully on the left.

The grandness of the Milky Way has been captured here, and it is beyond my own imagination; I would say that I was helped. Here you have the Southern Cross balanced perfectly on one side and the centre of our galaxy glowing perfectly on the other. This cloud is the nucleus of our galaxy, its called the ‘Galactic Bar’ … amazing. We have shooting stars, Saturn, and layer upon layer upon layer of colourful stars; even more than what can be presented on the final print.

The resolution of the photograph was purposed to be grainless at the 200cm size. This has been achieved. The image is totally devoid of any dots except that of the stars. It is a grand image, especially as how the camera has represented the Milky Way in an amber tone. 

location: Northern QLD, shutter speed: 12 seconds, filters: None, time and conditions: clear skies, limited edition: 99

NB: This image is the only digital piece in the Gallery, and as a digital photograph it came out of the camera with a warm tinge so I went with it. But now in the last several months I have been working to make it available in a more accurate colour balance. So this piece is available with an Amber tone or with a 'NASA' tone.


Printing and framing:

Limited Edition: Available as a limited edition at standard sizes: 100x32cm, 125x40cm, 150x48cm, 175x57cm, 200x64cm, 250x80cm, and 300x96cm.

Deliveries are fully insured and guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition. Domestic freight charges are included. International freight is sent via Federal Express (TNT) and is priced dependant on sizes (please see at checkout); priced from $30 (50x16cm) - $200 (250x80cm). All orders are freshly made. And after printing and signing are then mounted under the Acrylic Glass. Typical delivery times are 3-4 weeks. Please advise if you seek a priority service.

Printing: Printed with pigment inks on metallic photographic paper, and mounted on Acrylic glass; each image presents crisp, clear, and bright. Most people when first viewing the finished piece is convinced that it is lit from behind. Acrylic glass is a totally transparent material, with very little reflection, but is also very hardy and strong. It is also temperature and static neutral requiring very little cleaning. Available at various finished sizes and thickness of acrylic, please refer to the price list for all available options.

Gift Range: Recently I have released this Gift Range of smaller sizes, using the 3mm thick Acrylic. These smaller Gift sized images come with optional hanging methods including Acrylic ‘panels’ where they are hung on the wall using 3M self-adhesive ‘velcro’ tabs. They are great because you do not need to drill any holes, nor screw or nail hanging hooks. This product allows you to simply stick the finished Acrylic photograph directly to the wall easily and securely in just minutes. This adhesion method makes picture hanging safe for rentals, offices, tiles, glass, brick, or concrete; with totally safe removal or repositioning when and however you like.

The Gift Range is available in the sizes: 50x16cm and 75x24cm.

50x16cm (6 x 20 inch) – finishes: 3mm 'slim baton'
75x24cm (9 x 30 inch) – finishes: 3mm with 'float-frame', 6mm with 'float-frame'.

‘Slim baton’ is a flat/thin profile aluminium strip on the back of the finished Acrylic, hung with a matching interlocking slim baton rail that you screw to the wall.
‘Float Frame’ is a 'U' shaped aluminium frame on the back of the finished Acrylic piece that creates a 'float' appearance ... sitting off the wall around a centimetre. Again, hung with a matching interlocking rail that you screw to the wall.
(‘3M velcro system' can be used for all of the above options.)

Cleaning: When cleaning simply use a feather duster. And if necessary use isopropyl alcohol with a plain facial tissue.

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