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- "Kosciusko Spring" at 175x57cm (22 x 69 inch) in acrylic glass, including aluminium float-frame and hanging rail.

- Plus a complimentary "Antelope Canyon" 50x16cm (6 x 20 inch)  in acrylic glass (3mm Slim Baton).

- Replacement: "Hawaiian Pools" 150x48cm (19 x 60 inch) ... image only mounted under 3mm Acrylic Glass as a panel. Final cut size yet to be determined. Plan to cut to 'glass size' of existing piece; providing full replacement. This provided 'replacement' to be inserted into existing frame. The suede/felt matting and the frame retained, but the print and glass removed; exchanged with replacement.

- Pricing includes full delivery and insurance via FedEx.

- A$2150 = approx. U$1400 (exchange rate: using