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A pristine mountain creek, central Japan.

Traveling in Japan in the mountain regions, there are so many beautiful rivers and creeks. Japan has an abundant supply of water. In the country areas especially, you can always hear the sound of flowing water. The name of the village that is near here can be literally translated as “Naturally Air Conditioned Village”, after the cold air that flows out of the caves. They even use some of this air to cool the office buildings. This creek is freezing cold, hence the jade colored water.

location: Gifu Japan, camera: Tomiyama, lens Nikkor SW90, film: Fuji Velvia 50ASA, shutter speed: 4 seconds, filters: None, time and conditions: morning, Limited Edition: 360

Available as Limited Edition photographic prints, sizes from 100 x 32cm (6 x 20 inch) to 300 x 96cm (38 x 120 inch). Printed on the finest grade photographic paper, signed and numbered. Acrylic ‘Face-Mount’ framing is also available.

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