Bach's Air on 'G'


“Camel Rock” Bermagui, 400km south of Sydney, Australia
Australia’s Beaches, An appreciation for Australia’s clear Air, an endless love for the ocean and the peacefulness of first light. Bach’s “Air on a ‘G’ String”.

When I was young I spent every holiday at this beach (Bermagui, NSW), it is a very special place for me. We camped for five days, several hundred meters away from this scene, every morning getting up early in the hope of getting some special lighting. For the five days, each day was clear and sunny … nothing exciting, the fifth day there was some horizonal haze to soften the sun, and a line of cloud to pick up the light … ‘Bach’s Air on ‘G’’.

location: Bermagui, Australia, camera: Tomiyama, lens Nikkor SW90, film: Fuji 50ASA, shutter speed: 1/2 Second, filters: None, cropping: None, time and conditions: Sunrise, limited edition: 360

* When selecting sizes, please ensure to click on 'material' and select either '3mm Float Frame' or '6mm Float Frame'. The typical preferred thickness of Acrylic Glass used is 3mm; providing an attractive light weight finish. However, for sizes 175cm and upwards, 6mm Acrylic Glass is used to ensure a more rigid finish. This 6mm thickness also creates an additional 3-dimensional sense or appearance ... though is a little more expensive.

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Printing and framing:

Limited Edition: Personally signed and numbered limited edition prints, available at standard sizes from 150x48cm, 175x57cm, 200x64cm, 250x80cm, to 300x96cm. Triptych panels are also available, please inquire.

Printing: Printed with pigment inks on silver based 'mirror like' photographic paper, then mounted under Acrylic glass; presenting each image crisp and clear. Most people when first viewing are convinced that they are lit from behind ... with their inherent 'luminosity'. Acrylic glass is a totally transparent material with very little reflection but is also virtually unbreakable. 

Lighting: People often ask if they should instal lighting for the images. And I recommend not to, at least for the first few months. For how the images hold light is simply wonderful. I often refer to them more so as gems or jewels in the way that they hold light. Especially in very low light they become holographic by nature. And the tones shift as the sun rises or sets ... It is very attractive. But if you do wish to install, perhaps highlight just the midsection with a warm tone light.

Float-frame: Provided on the back of each is an aluminium float-frame. This frame presents the photographs off the wall as if it is floating. It is very elegant. Then included is a matching hanging rail that simply is screwed level onto the wall. And interlocks perfectly with the float-frame providing a totally secure hanging system.

Archival qualities: Pigment inks have incredible archival quality. And combined with the acrylic glass, of which is 100% UV resistant, there is no chance of fading or discolouration. The Australian sun is particularly harsh and though I do not recommend continual direct sun all work is guaranteed with a lifetime replacement (as an interior art).

Investment: The Art is presented as a limited edition collection. And once sold out is finished and complete. No longer available. This creates an investment opportunity, with the work continually increasing in value. And together with their timeless appeal and the archival quality ... makes it a most attractive investment.

Deliveries are fully insured and guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition. Domestic freight charges are included. International freight is sent via Federal Express (TNT) and is priced dependant on sizes (please see at checkout); priced from $30 (50x16cm) - $200 (250x80cm). All orders are freshly made. And after printing and signing are then mounted under the Acrylic Glass. Typical delivery times are 3-4 weeks. Please advise if you seek a priority service.

Cleaning: When cleaning, simply use a feather duster. And if necessary, afterwards apply isopropyl alcohol (or preferably 'Mr Sheen') wiping off any marks with a plain facial tissue.

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